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Notify when a script finishes

As part of my job, I build an android app that needs about 2-3 minutes to compile and assemble. There unfortunately is no easy way to make this faster, so I have to go along. This causes that when the app is building I switch to another task (or youtube video) and 10 minutes later I forget what I was doing and the work really gets done very slowly.

For this reason I implemented a simple script, that I had put in /usr/local/bin/andbeep and made executable. This is the contents:

espeak "Finished with $result"
exit $result

This now simply informs me when a command finished and also tells me its return value. For a build script now just prepend it with a andbeep and run it, so if you use make all to run your build, just use andbeep make all to get notified when the build finishes.

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